Pass the 3 Revenue Bills – Ofori-Atta appeals to Parliament

Finance Minister

Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta has appealed to Ghana’s Parliament to pass the three revenue bills that are before the House before rising today Friday, March 31.

The passage of the bills, he said, would help in facilitating the deal that Ghana is seeking under the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Speaking at a forum in Accra on Thursday March 30, he said “Our Parliament, in the national interest, will pass these bills before the close of the week and it will not be seen as disloyalty to anyone party. So if I may be permitted to use the word fellow Ghanaians,  we are a blessed nation…I am more convinced now than ever that we are a blessed nation.

“A week ago I was in China to meet their Finance Minister and various institutions about support for an IMF programme and the Lord certainly went ahead of us.

“Ghana is a big country, the Minister of Finance is a big man but the Minister of Finance of China gave us the Ghana delegation almost an hour and a half conversation. Not only did he do that he also called the chairman of the Exim Bank of China to join him to talk through these ways in which they can facilitate to make sure we get our IMF transaction.

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“So indeed America is ready for us,  we saw Kamala Harris here, Germany has been here, the Europeans are behind us, the Fund is behind us. It is left with our Parliament. It can’t be that we shoot ourselves in the foot. Let us rally behind our Parliamentarians.”

The bills are the Income Tax Amendment Bill, Excise Duty Amendment Bill, and Growth and Sustainability Amendment Bill.

The government is seeking to pass these bills to generate approximately GH¢4 billion per year to supplement domestic revenue.

By Laud Nartey||Ghana


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