Partial solar eclipse today

Solar Eclipse
Accra will experience a partial solar eclipse today, Thursday, September 1 from 6:13am to 7:30am.
“The sun will be about 80% obscured, similar to the Partial Solar Eclipse of November 2013,” the Ghana Space Science and Technology Institute has said.
Partial Solar Eclipse happens when the moon comes between the sun and the earth.
Since they don’t align perfectly in a straight line, the moon partially covers the sun’s disc.
Also referred to as Annular Solar Eclipse, Thursday’s celestial occurrence will heighten within 3 minutes 6 seconds though it will last 2 hours 33 minutes.
The next occurrence has been predicted to be on 26 February, 2017.
In Ghana, the occurrence will be the 164th since 1500.
Dr Bernard Asabere, an Astronomer at the Institute, advised Ghanaians to view the incidence with specially designed aluminium-coated lenses as the sun will be emitting harmful rays.
He said viewing the occurrence with dark glasses or polythene bags or with the naked eyes is harmful.
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