Partey has the qualities to reach Essien’s level in EPL – Grant

Former Chelsea FC boss Avram Grant has said Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey can reach the level of Michael Essien in the Premier League judging from his qualities.

Michael Essien won the Premier League title, on two occasions with Chelsea, and other individual accolades but according to Avram Grant in an exclusive interview with 3Sports Partey has the right mentality to be on the same level with Essien.

“Arsenal fans should know that they have the next Thomas Partey, Michael Essien was my player at Chelsea, he was an amazing player, if not for his injuries, he would have been one of the top midfielders in the world.

“Partey is a different player, Essien is more box-to-box and Thomas is more controlling the game with his passing so they are different players though they play in the same position but their styles are different.

“I hope Partey will make the career Essien made. I was his coach for just a year, except goalkeeper, he plays all the positions and he was fantastic, his understanding of the game. Unfortunately, he had bad injury that stopped him from being at the top.

“Thomas can be like that, he has all the qualities to do that and I think he will be one of the top players at Arsenal,” he told 3Sports in an interview.

Partey was instrumental for Arsenal in their Premier League win over Manchester United at Old Trafford on Match Day 7.

By Francis Hema||Ghana

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