Parliament rejects Naa Torshie’s District Assemblies Common Fund disbursement formula

Both Minority and Majority said the formula by the administrator,Irene Naa Torshie was contrary to what Parliament had approved.[/caption] Parliament, Tuesday, June 19, unanimously rejected the formula by the District Common Fund administrator, Irene Naa Toshie aAddo on how the Common Fund should be disbursed. Both Minority and Majority said the formula by the administrator was contrary to what Parliament had approved. The new formula, as announced by the administrator allocates 40% of the fund to the school feeding programme, 20% each to the Nation Builders’ Corps, Planting for Food and Jobs and the remaining 20% for the running of the assemblies. But parliament disagrees, insisting that an amount of 960 million which is the budgetary allocation to the MMDAs be sent directly to them for their various projects. The District Assemblies Common Fund administrator and the Minister of Local government were summoned by Parliament based on an application made by Deputy Minority Whip Ibrahim Ahmed on the use of the fund. The MP raised the matter on the floor some few weeks ago, saying the administrator was acting contrary to what parliament had approved for disbursement of the fund. After a committee on the whole meeting with the administrator and the sector minister, the deputy Minority Whip told TV3 the house had unanimously rejected the move by the administrator. ”The house in totality, both Minority and Majority came together to the resolution that nobody should vary the formula that was approved 22nd March, 2018, Thursday, by Parliament.” He said the ȼ2.7 billion approved for the MMDAs had been further reduced to 1.8 billion and if the administrator’s formula was allowed to fly, allocations to the MMDAs would be meager. “The government came to cap it to 5% which brought it to 1.8 billion, then the 1.8 billion that the house approved for the MMDAs, the house gave government 900 out of that remaining only 960 million to be sent to the MMDAs”, he noted. He added the house would monitor to ensure the formula is adhered to and applied to the letter. ”Parliament has rejected the so called directive, and the minister and administrator are saying that there was no directive of that sort, meaning all the assemblies are to go by the formula that was approved. The Banda MP indicated, the administrator had told the house, she will return to Parliament with another formula but Ahmed Ibrahim described that as shameful.

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By Evelyn Tengmaa||Ghana]]>