Parents warned against sending their female wards to Conti & Katanga

Unity Hall

Lawyer George Tetteh Wayo, who is representing alumni of Unity Hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)  in a case challenging the conversion of the hall into a unisex hall has warned parents not to send their female wards to the Hall.

Speaking in an interview on 3FM on Monday, counsel for the old residents of the Hall said parents should not heed to directives by the authorities to send their wards to the all-male hall

‘‘Till the law court makes a decision, no parents should send their ward there,” lawyer Wayo warned.

“We are sending a word of caution to parents: please parents we respect you, do not send your female wards to the Unity Hall because the inpending chaos against the University is not ending now.’’

According to Mr. Wayo, his clients are seeking to place an injunction on the conversion of the hall into a unisex one, and that until the Supreme Court decides, no parent should take their female wards there.

The suit against authorities of KNUST comes on the back of the University’s announcement in January, 2018 that the Unity and University halls will be converted into unisex halls.

This, according to management, is to increase the quota of females enrolled at the University.

Although no female student has been affiliated to the Unity Hall yet, the granting of residential status to some nine continuing female students to the University Hall, popularly known as Katanga, has sparked agitations among the student body.

Addressing the issue on 3FM, Public Relations Officer of KNUST Kwame Yeboah explained that Kumasi-based tertiary institution does not have a problem with people exercising their rights, and that authorities respect concerns raised by students and alumni of the two halls.

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He added, “The University will react appropriately to the suit.”

Mr Yeboah reiterated that the decision to convert the two male halls into unisex halls is to accommodate more female students.

“The females who are entering the institution are getting more and more, and we do not have accommodation for everybody, and that’s why there are plans to convert the halls.”

By Lilian Owusu||Ghana