Pantang staff hit streets over land encroachment

The demonstrating staff returned after over an hour of demonstration (Photo: Esi B. Nyame/TV3)[/caption] Staff of Pantang Psychiatric Hospital on Wednesday marched from the medical facility to Adenta-Barrier, and back, to register their displeasure at the mass encroachment on their lands. This is the second in a series of industrial actions by staff to get government to stop the encroachment in front of the hospital. On Monday, staff embarked on a sit-down as the first of many industrial actions to get their grievances resolved. They claim the takeover of the frontage of the hospital by private developers is hampering the hospital’s operations while workers are exposed to vices such as thefts and attacks. On Wednesday, hundreds of staff including nurses and house officers carried placards during the over one-hour procession. One of the placards read: ‘Resist Encroachment of Pantang Land’. Medical Director of the Hospital Dr Frank Baning told TV3‘s Esi Benewaa Nyame after the demonstration that the situation is getting out of hand. He recounted how his official vehicle was broken into recently. Source:|Ghana ]]>

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