Paga: Residents call school ‘Zoomlion’; head complains used condoms found each morning

Residents living closer to the Paga English and Arabic Primary School in the Kassena Nankana West District of the Upper East Region seem to have turned the school into a den for their sexual activities in the night.

The Headteacher of the School, Addiyire Peter, in an exclusive interview with, revealed that used condoms are found each morning in the school while rampant defaecation by residents has also become a norm.

The Paga English and Arabic School, formerly purely an Arabic school established in 1978, was then absorbed by Ghana Education Service in 1981 as a English and Arabic School with 18 students.

Population of the school increased year after year especially from the Zongo communities in and around Paga for all.

In 1985, the PNDC government, in an effort to eliminate schools under trees, erected open pavilions across the country and Paga English and Arabic Primary School was a beneficiary.

Since that pavilion school block was constructed in 1985, no additional infrastructure has been added to the school.

The current infrastructure at the school is not in good shape. Walls and floors of the block have developed cracks and wooden doors and windows are all spoiled.

As a result of the dilapidated nature of the school, residents living around the school seem to have taken advantage of the situation as they defaecate in the classrooms at night.

Some have also turned the classrooms into sex rooms to make matters worse.

Headteacher of Paga English and Arabic Primary School Peter Addiyire

According to the headteacher, teachers and pupils sweep out used condoms from the classrooms daily and this has affected the confidence of teachers and pupils.

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“All the doors and windows have been removed by residents and the classrooms are not safe especially residents used the classrooms as their washroom,” Mr Addiyire disclosed.

“One of the upsurd situations we are facing in this school is the continuous use of the classroom rooms as a hotel for sexual activities by some residents and we sweep out used condoms every morning and that is why the school needs a facelift,” he added.

Though struggling to survive, the school has organised its 40th anniversary to bring together all stakeholders for a rapid development and better solutions.

The event brought together old students, Islamic clerics, parents, government officials and other residents to climax the occasion.

The Upper East Regional Manager of Islamic Unit of the Ghana Education Service, Abu Sawedu, outlined the challenges Islamic education establishments in the region are facing and appealed for support to raise the standards of education in Islamic schools.

“Most of our pupils are from deprived Zongo communities and they also need quality education together with the Arabic studies. We are therefore appealing for support for all Islamic schools in the Region.”

Due to the situation at the school, Paga residents have named the school as Zoomlion school due to rampant defaecation and sexual activities during dark hours in the school.

By Rabiu Tanko Mohammed||Ghana



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