Oxfam launches tax dialogue to enhance domestic tax mobilisation

Oxfam Ghana has launched a tax dialogue project as part of a broader active citizenship and accountable governance programme.

Known as the Ghana Tax Dialogue (GTD), it involves high level series of roundtable dialogues with key actors within the Ghana tax system corporate bodies.

These bodies include the Ghana Revenue Authority, Ministry of Finance, professional accountancy bodies, academia and business associations.

The purpose is to explore ways to create a fair, responsible, efficient, modern and transparent (FREMT) tax system through private sector actions and public policies in the country to enhance domestic resource mobilization.

At the heart of the GTD project is to promote responsible corporate tax practices through a transparent and responsible tax planning, public transparency and reporting.

In addition, the project aims to contribute to promoting effective tax administration in Ghana by separately engaging the tax authority on policies for responsive and efficient tax administration for a fair tax system in the country to aid compliance.

Oxfam said the GTD project will not in any way be intrusive to a company’s operations, but through multi-stakeholder dialogues to promote a modern, fit for purpose and efficient tax system which meet international best standards, and ensure stakeholders are able to fulfil their obligations.

Oxfam is also encouraging multinationals and large local companies in Ghana to take an active part in the dialogue.

The dialogue is being organised alongside an active media engagement (Tax Dialogue Series) on other key issues to promote an efficient tax system for improved revenue to meet our development challenges.

Oxfam believes a responsible corporate tax practice will lead to improved domestic revenue which will help spending in critical areas of the Ghanaian society.


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