Organic Trade Investments (OTI) holds 1st Fonio Webinar on Dec. 15

In the wake of more people being intentional about what they eat and the quality of their diet, a Ghana-based e-commerce and agribusiness company is bringing knowledge to your doorsteps.

Organic Trade Investments (OTI) is set to host a webinar dedicated to teaching the members of the public the history, uses, recipes, health benefits and nutritional value of Fonio – a lost African crop being rediscovered.

OTI is a supplier of authentic gluten-free organic Fonio and flour among other organic natural products from Africa.

This webinar is part of the company’s “passion towards educating the general public about organic living and follows the huge palpable oblivion portrayed by Africans who are the original growers and processors of the original Fonio grain”.

Under the theme: Rediscovering Fonio, the event is slated for Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

This is the first ever Fonio-centered educational event to be organised by anyone in the agribusiness industry in Ghana proving the company’s dedication to increasing the consumption of African-sourced products.

OTI has put together a list of well-renowned professionals including Health Experts, Nutritionists, Market Analysts and Chefs whose local and global experiences will be shared freely at the event.

Registration for the groundbreaking event comes at no cost and is open for all who are interested in learning regardless of age. However, you need to secure your slot ahead of time.

Founder and Managing Director of the award-winning agribusiness company, Esther Ama Asante noted that her outfit is open to collaboration with others in the industry.

“There is enough fish in the sea for everyone. At OTI, we are here to promote Africa and protect the interests of our small-scale growers and manufacturers. This is why the company was established. Our competitors in the industry are welcome to partner with us. We believe in partnerships and the success of OTI relies partially on the fact that we practice co-opetition,” she said.

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According to her, this webinar is the start of a series of events that echo the message of promoting organic products and healthy living.

“It’s not a one-time thing, this is the first edition and we hope it will become an annual event,” she said.

In relation to the upcoming webinar, she mentioned it was organized “with the aim of gathering players of Fonio in the industry, health experts, chefs, dietitians, and nutritionists to educate the general public on the health benefits of Fonio, its usage, etc… Fonio is grown in West Africa but not much is known about this super food, gluten-free grain from Africa”.

What you will learn at the OTI Fonio Webinar

  1. The history of Fonio, where it is cultivated, by which countries, tribes, and other necessary facts.
  2. Lesson on the health benefits of Fonio (eye health, diabetes, hypertension, heart failure) and the need to include these grain in your diet.
  3. Culinary tips and recipes: How to use both grain and flour for a variety of meals.
  4. Provide details of the major actors and processors of Fonio in Ghana; and
  5. The past, present and future market feasibility of Fonio.
  6. The Difference Between Quinoa and Fonio
  7. Why OTI Fonio grain and Flour are the best Fonio products in Ghana and the world at large.

What is Fonio?

Fonio: /ˈfəʊnjəʊ/, is a cereal grown in some Western African countries.

It is an indigenous crop with two cultivated species: white fonio (Digitaria exilis), whose roots can be traced to Senegal to Chad and black fonio (Digitaria iborua) which is grown mainly grown in Nigeria as well as the northern regions of Togo and Benin. 

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Although this crop which is one of the oldest African cereals is described as a ‘miracle grain’, it has lost its fame due to various reasons- colonialism and westernization, being on top of the list.

Fonio is believed to have an ancient lineage going back more than 5,000 years – it was the “food of royalty”.

It is referred to as “hungry rice” or “miracle grain” due to its numerous benefits

About Organic Trade and Investments

Established in 2015, the multiple award-winning Organic Trade and Investments (OTI) has been focused on serving its client base with wholly organic African products.

It is a subsidiary of Global Africa Trade & Investments (GATI), also an e-commerce commerce platform.

The products sold by the company are sourced primarily from local farmers in parts of Ghana who are carefully selected and trained to deliver optimum results.

The aim of the agribusiness export trading company is to promote the consumption of Ghanaian and African products globally.

Since its registration in 2017, the company currently exports to 20 countries across Asia, Europe, and the MEA regions.

The Ghana Export Promotion Authority has certified the company, making it possible for OTI to export their products anywhere in the world.

OTI is also certified member of She Trades, the Ghana Trade Hub, the Ghana-Sweden Chambers of Commerce, and the International Trade Council. Thus, making them a credible brand name within and outside Africa.

There are more than 100 articles on sale, ranging from organic edible consumables, unrefined fats and pure essential oils to spices, aromatic plants, gum copal, plant sweeteners, dyes, and insecticides.

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The agribusiness company offers high quality products at competitive market prices and are sold at wholesale prices to enable

customers gain some profit.

Source: OTI