Opinion: Nkrabeah’s ignorant babble

Nkrabea Effah-Dartey[/caption] Media proliferation in Ghana has done a wealth of good to the smooth dissemination of news and information and allowed political and social discourse to reach every home in the country. While we enjoy the beautiful spread of the media, we also have to contend with the miseducation of our audience by so-called social and political commentators many of whom spew forth nothing but chaff on a regularly basis. In the past two weeks we have been witnesses to two high profile murder cases with the death of Ahmed Hussein-Suale of Tiger Eye PI eliciting condemnation locally and internationally. Former President Jerry John Rawlings who regularly comments on international issues did not hesitate to condemn the killing and blame the recklessness of the Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyepong, for unmasking Hussein-Suale and inciting violence against him. These sentiments have been reiterated by many well-meaning Ghanaians and international personalities and institutions. Then comes one Nkrabeah Effah-Dartey, a one-time Presidential wannabe whose political ambitions drowned as quickly as they surfaced. Nkrabeah proceeds to question why former President Rawlings should criticize Agyepong for exposing Hussein-Suale and refers to the former President as an attention-seeking person who wants to play to the gallery. It is terribly unfortunate that someone who claims to be a lawyer will come up with such ignorant speak. First and foremost, no one is accusing Agyepong of killing the young journalist. We are accusing the Member of Parliament of senselessly exposing Hussein-Suale, making it easy for aggrieved persons to target him. This is basic commonsense and logic. If Nkrabeah Effah-Dartey does not recognize the seriousness of the actions of Agyepong, one has to seriously question his sense of judgement. The former presidential aspirant then goes on to insinuate that Hussein-Suale caused his own death by not protecting himself well. Really, Mr. Effah-Dartey? Are you blinded by your political association to Kennedy Agyepong or it’s just plain tomfoolery? What was the motivation for unmasking Hussein-Suale? What were the statements made by the man who chose to do the unmasking? Were they not threatening? Were it not for political association wouldn’t the police have arrested Agyepong when he called for violence against Hussein-Suale? And how come that someone who managed to pass through law school cannot determine that such incitement of violence is criminal? Are we as a society breeding ignoramuses as lawyers? Are we to see such people who jump to the media at will as opinion leaders to respect? We certainly cannot allow such shallow commentators to abuse our media freedom. More laughable is the fact that Nkrabeah Effah-Dartey refers to the former President’s condemnation as attention-seeking and a political gimmick. What utter gibberish. What attention does Jerry John Rawlings need? He makes news even when he does not talk and needs no reason to seek attention. He perhaps has too much attention anyway. It is you Nkrabeah Effah-Dartey who is attention-seeking, shallow, petty and full of empty political rhetoric. Being lost, ignored and forgotten in the political marketplace is quite tough, huh? Your latest effusions are part of a long list of embarrassing behaviour you have exhibited since you chose to enter political life. The condemnation of Agyepong by well-meaning Ghanaians and the international community has been widespread. Choosing to take on the former President was a sure way to get attention to yourself. Unfortunately, many are wondering if they should take you serious at all after this last commentary.

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