Onua TV breaks the internet with Captain Smart on Onua Maakye

A record number of Ghanaians trouped online to watch Onua TV’s premium morning show, Onua Maakye with Captain Smart. And by the end of the show, viewership clocked at a whopping 21k in 3 hours on Facebook.

Onua Maakye is fast becoming the morning show place to catch the latest economic and political issues from the grassroots. Viewers look forward to a realistic interpretation of issues in layman’s terms disseminated in local Ghanaian languages.

About an hour into today’s segment dubbed, Loans in the Bushes, the live coverage covered a record-breaking number at 13k views. He equated the art of face painting to problem-solving leadership.

“Everyone who understands the techniques of make-up can be a good leader. Useless president in the world, they don’t understand make-up. When you go into the make-up room, they have something called the foundation. They use to close the pores on the face for a smooth look. And so all the holes on the face will be filled. And that is the concert roads the Bawumia promised that he hasn’t even been able to build a meter because he doesn’t understand make-up.

I want to demonstrate leadership to you by make-up. In the process of making somebody’s face, there is no discrimination. The powder brush shows that some easy solving problems need just a light brushing. But if the problem is big, they use the foundation brush. Anything that makes people cry, anything that makes people grieve and anything that makes people frustrated as a leader, you must apply the foundation brush.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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