Onsy Nkrumah sues CPP, wants court to stop Saturday’s Congress

Dr Onsy Nathan Kwame Nkrumah has initiated steps to stop the Convention People’s Party from going ahead with its planned national congress Saturday to elect a flagbearer for the party.

The man who claims to be the son of Ghana’s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah issued a writ at the High Court Thursday challenging the basis for his disqualification to contest the presidential primaries of the party.

He has again filed an application seeking an interlocutory order to injunt the two-day national congress which starts today in Accra at the Trade Fair Centre, arguing “irreparable injury will occasion him should the congress be allowed to take place.”

The application is scheduled for hearing on February 10.

Onsy was disqualified by the CPP for not meeting the criteria and conditions set out for the process, as the party claims he issued a fraudulent cheque instead of a banker’s draft or cash.

But Dr Onsy Nkrumah who says he qualified to contest the primary claims the party allowed him to pick the presidential nomination forms and paid a non-refundable fee of GHC5,000 but was prevented from filing same.

In his writ, he argues that the CPP “consciously and maliciously” prevented him from filing his nomination forms and therefore the court should not exercise its discretion in the party’s favour.

He claims several verbal demands on the party to redress his grievances in addition to a petition to the chairman of the party has not yielded any positive results hence wants the court compels the party to do so.

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Dr. Onsy Nkrumah contends that if the court does not place an injunction on the congress, he would lose the opportunity to contest the 2016 primary whereas a mere change in date would not fundamentally affect fortunes of the CPP

He argues that if he is not allowed to contest the elections, he would have to wait for four years before he can re-launch his political ambition.

In his writ, he is among other reliefs, seeking an order for declaration that his inability to file his presidential nomination forms was wrongfully caused by the CPP

He also wants an order to compel the CPP to accept his nomination fee and to allow him to contest the presidential primary at an extended date beyond six weeks from the filling of nominations

In the alternative, he wants an order to set aside the outcome of the presidential congress slated for 29 and 30 January 2016 on grounds that it is in breach of the party’s constitution

Dr Onsy Nkrumah is also seeking general damages for breach of his rights in the form of “wrongfully aborting his desire to file his nomination forms” as well as  cost against the CPP.

By Stephen Kwabena Effah|3news.com|Ghana