Online drivers join local app

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Unionized drivers in the ride hailing industry have joined a local app company, black ride.

This follows months of agitations and protests from the drivers who say the foreign apps platforms are a rip- off. The Ghana Online Drivers Union on May 11, and May 12 embarked on a two-day nationwide sit-down strike. The drivers used the protest to put pressure on managers of the app to increase fares charged patrons of the platforms. They lamented over the poor working conditions and the unfair percentage charges.

Mark Anthony, a driver said “It is unheard of that I take a passenger on a long trip of about one and half hours and then he gives you less than $6.00 in the name of bonuses”.

“I think this local and indigenous company will come to our rescue”. He stated.

Meanwhile, the app developers, great minds at work, who produced the “Black Ride” platform are optimistic it will be a game changer in the ride hailing industry.

Tony Klah, the CEO said “For us we say these are the rules to the game. This is my country and I see how the drivers are working and the condition under which they work. Very poor. So we said enough of the increasing strikes from drivers”.

“The advantages that fair work brings to the environment is assessing a certain matrix to see how it works. The platform has the highest security features and ensures the safety and protection of both the riders and drivers”. He stressed.  

By Richard Bright Addo||Ghana

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