One man’s recklessness caused Anas’ partner’s death – Rawlings asserts

Former president Jerry John Rawling has said one man’s recklessness in unmasking and threatening harm against Ahmed Hussein-Suale is largely to be blamed for the assassination of the undercover journalist. Ahmed Hussein-Suale who was a key member of Anas’ private investigations team, Tiger Eye PI, was shot dead at Madina Wednesday night while driving home. He was said to have been shot three times in the chest and neck at close range just few metres to his home, allegedly by two unknown assailants who were riding on a motorbike.

Ahmed who has been working with investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas for some years was not known to the public until recently when his picture was shown on live television by Ken Agyapong. The MP on live television described Ahmed as a bad boy and urged people to beat him up should they find him and that he was willing to pay anyone who carried out his orders. [caption id="attachment_111199" align="aligncenter" width="800"] The picture of Ahmed shown by the MP[/caption] Many people, including lawyer for Anas, Kissi Adjabeng, have since the murder incident called on the investigators to invite the MP for questioning for exposing the Ahmed’s picture on national television. Commenting on the murder that has assumed international attention, the ex-president said: “We are here today largely because one man recklessly unmasked an investigative reporter and issued threats of violence”. Although Rawlings did not put any name to the one man who unmasked Ahmed, it is on record Mr. Agyapong was the one who exposed his photos to the public. Mr. Rawlings therefore wants appropriate authorities to leave no stone unturned in bringing to book persons responsible for killing journalist. In a tweet Saturday, Mr. Rawlings stated that the culprits cannot be left off the hook like has been done in the past in similar cases.
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“Ahmed Suale’s death cannot be allowed to end up like others-unresolved. We have to get to the bottom of these questionable circumstances and their implications for our wider society,” Mr Rawlings stated. The former president said he supports calls by President Akufo-Addo and other well-meaning personalities who have called for swift investigations into the killing of the undercover journalist. By Irene Amesimeku|| Ghana]]>