Omane Boamah denies being part of a set-up to attack Rawlings

Former Communications Minister Dr Edward Kofi Omane Boamah has denied claims that he was part of a group of politicians purposely engaged to respond to former President Jerry John Rawlings over his attacks on late Professor John Evans Atta Mills.

In his book titled ‘Working with Rawlings’, former Local Government Minister Professor Kwamena Ahwoi names some politicians including Dr Omane Boamah as being recruited by him to “talk back” at former president Rawlings during the Mills’ era.

“Respectfully, I need to place on record that this claim is wholly and completely inaccurate and untrue,” the former Minister of Communications said in a statement on Wednesday, August 5.

“As a young man and politician with core convictions, I was never engaged nor could I have allowed myself to be used by anyone to talk back at former President Rawlings.”

He explained that with his background, he could not have allowed himself to be used “by anyone to talk back at former President Rawlings”.

“My principled stand in defending the late President Atta Mills, without insults, against attacks I thought were underserved was borne out of my respect and appreciation of the personality of the late President Mills – the Asomdwehene, his pureness of heart and other sterling and unique qualities that he possessed to a fault.”

He said the suggestion in Prof Ahwoi’s book is “irksome” to him.

“It does not reflect my personality as a politician of conviction and not of convenience.

“For the record, I state emphatically and unequivocally that any claim that I was a recruited participant in any such grand agenda could only be the result of an inadvertent error in recollection and not founded on anything that remotely resembles the truth.”

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