Okada riders prepare to boost business in the raining season

Okada business have seen a rise in demand in recent times. Being an affordable alternative to trotro and taxis, the business is said to be quite lucrative according to riders. People on the move find it very affordable, flexible and fast. They are best at navigating bad road networks and can help you beat city traffic when it really matters. Although okadas frequently feature in fatal accidents, its positive qualities have led to the huge and rising demand for its use. Though there have been calls on the Driver, Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) and the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service, to kick against their operations, okada business still booms. With the rains rearing its head, Okada riders say, the rains will not stop them from giving their customers the convenience they require and are fully prepared to do business in the rains. “We have what it takes to work during the raining season. We have rain coats and some of the dresses which can protect you from the rain. We also give customers helmet to protect their heads” Mathias an okada rider at Accra revealed. According to some okada riders in Accra the rains will not have any effect on their business and are re-strategizing to boost their business. Meanwhile okada riders are calling on Government and city authorities to regularize their operations. They said the Okada business is their only source of livelihood, notwithstanding helping ease traffic congestion in Accra. “The government should do something about our work. This work is better than staying at home. If we stop and stay at home what will our families feed on? Government should legalize the work for us,” a rider cried for help.

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By Sarah Oboh /3FM/92.7/3news.com/]]>