Ofori Amponsah discloses how divine revelations shape his lyrics


Ghanaian highlife artist Ofori Amponsah has spoken about facing doubts and criticism when he experienced a significant shift in his life and faith

Speaking on Onua Showtime with Mcbrown on Sunday, Mr All4Real disclosed that he faced scepticism from many who questioned his credibility as a Man of God.

However, he firmly believes that God has inspired his lyrics and guided his artistic path.

Known for his hit songs like “Hello hello” and “Otoolege,” Amponsah announced after a long hiatus that was entering into full-time ministry as a pastor in 2013 but returned to highlife music in 2015 with his hit song, Alewa ft Sarkodie.

His hit song, ‘Hello Hello’ predicted some major events in the world including the Russian conflict and an ominous event in 2020 which many have cited as the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I released ‘Hello hello’ in 2005 and today the things I mentioned including Russia and America’s dispute as well as darkness filling the earth in 2020 have all come to pass,” he shared.

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According to Ofori Amponsah who now plies his trade as a musician, his switch surprised and puzzled many because he was initially considered a secular artiste but he firmly assured that he has always been committed to God and his faith

“When people saw me I was in the secular world that’s why I think they doubted my role as a pastor. I feel like when something is worldly it’s not because the thing is not Christian but it is when people don’t believe that there’s God for me that’s my belief,” he indicated.

Further expressing his point, the award-winning performer acknowledged that he found inspiration in his faith and drew from his relationship with God to infuse meaning into his lyrics.

“If you read the scriptures and you at songs of Solomon, the words are very romantic. Talent is from God so if you don’t have it, it’ll not work. Sometimes when I get a revelation, I am afraid to say it because I feel people will insult me so I infuse it into my lyrics,” he added.


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