Nzema East: Communities await electricity with bated breath as materials arrive

Scores of residents in eight communities in the Nzema East Municipality in the Western Region will soon heave a big sigh of relief after the Municipal Assembly took delivery of electrical distribution materials for the extension of electricity into their communities.

The Nzema East Municipal Assembly on Thursday, July 15 received the electrical distribution materials under the Rural Electrification and Extension Project.

An elated Municipal Chief Executive, Frank Okpenyen, who received the electrical distribution materials, said the electricity needs of close to a million residents will be addressed once the project is completed.

“These communities are in hard-to-reach areas and are not on the national grid. Since I became the MCE, I have been receiving several distress calls from residents, shop owners and health personal in these eight communities and other parts of Nzema East to work to extend electricity to them as they badly need power for their daily activities.”

Mr. Okpenyen added that “on my part, I’ve been also working assiduously to address this pressing need. Actually, this extension project was supposed to have happened earlier but it had to be delayed due to the COVID-19”.

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“But I’m happy that finally the project will take off,” he stated.

He is particularly happy that the eight beneficiary communities will open up once they get electricity.

“People will be encouraged to open businesses. We can attract cottage industries. And of great joy to me is that, we can build more CHPS Compounds and we will be confident that there will be light for the officials to work with especially when they have to store essential drugs and other items.”

He assured contractors China Waters Engineering of his maximum cooperation and support for the project to be executed on time.

Project Supervisor Gideon Asare also assured the MCE and his team that the work will be done expeditiously without compromising on best practices so that the communities can start enjoying electricity.

The eight beneficiaries communities are Kegyina, Eselenu, Nyamebekyere and Apewosika.

The rest are Arabic Area, Brawire Estate, Akyinim and Accra town.

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The second phase of the project will cover selected communities in the Gwira part of Nzema East.

By Eric Yaw Adjei|Connect FM||Ghana



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