NUGS Women’s Wing supports victims of Kantamanto Market inferno


Secretariat for , the women's wing of the National Union of Student,  has paid a solidarity visit to the Kantamanto market fire victims and extended their modest support to the victims of the recent market inferno at Kantamanto Market in Accra.

The , which occurred in the early hours of Sunday, September 17, caused significant damage and loss to the traders and owners.

The NUGS Secretary of Women Development, Ms. Suraiya Baatima, along with a team of volunteers, was at the Kantamamto market to sympathize with the traders as well as engage the affected victims.

The team presented assorted drinks, water, food and other essential items to meet the urgent needs of the fire victims especially the women and .

“We were touched by the news of the unfortunate incident recorded at this market that has destroyed the life savings of the traders here and we think this donation will alleviate the immediate hardships faced by the affected individuals and their families.

“I share in the pain of the victims and wish to make a passionate call to all relevant stakeholders, including governmental agencies and local authorities, to ensure that the necessary support and compensation are provided to the victims.”

Ms. Suraya Batimaah intimated that “the sight of our mothers, sisters and children struggling to rescue their wares from the inferno and counting their loses was a sign of the trauma and injury many have suffered from this unfortunate incident. Advocacy will play a crucial role in addressing the long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts required for the affected traders”.

In addition to providing immediate relief, the NUGS Secretariat for Women Development is committed to ongoing support for the fire victims.

This, according to Ms. Suraya, will include exploring opportunities for vocational training programmes, entrepreneurial support, and other initiatives to empower the affected individuals to regain their economic stability and resilience.

The victims could not hide their excitement for the gesture from the group.

By Christopher Amoako||Ghana

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