Ntim will win to be NPP National Chair – Kamal Deen

Stephen Ntim
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A Deputy Communications Officer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Abdulai Kamal-Deen has said Mr Stephen Ayesu Ntim will definitely win to be the National Chairman of the governing party.

He said Mr Ntim has clear message to the delegates that he will produce a president for the party in the 2024 general elections to break the 8-year electoral cycle in Ghana.

Speaking on the New Day show with Johnnie Hughes on TV3, Monday June 20, Kamal-Deen said “I can assure you that Stephen Ntim is going to be the National Chairman, this will be his 5th attempt to be the National Chairman. Twenty years of his adult life he has been into it, he has been working hard, he stayed fit, he showed that patience pays.

“[Ntim] is sending a message, that ‘Give me a flagbearer, I will give you a president in 2024’, simple.”

Mr Ntim, earlier observed that the NPP can only win the 2024 elections if its members remain focused and united.

“Breaking the 8 hinges on a number of ingredients but key amongst them is Unity. Until we present a united front, Breaking the 8 would be a mantra, a mirage” he said.

This, he said after submitting his nomination forms at the party’s headquarters in a brief address to the media.

“The government continues to do its best under the circumstances we find ourselves. We all know that our current situation is as a result of happenings in the global community. Notwithstanding these issues, we believe and I know so to be true, that we shall win 2024” he stressed.

Stephen Ntim was emphatic on the fact that it is by getting everyone onboard that the Breaking the 8 agenda would be a reality.

“Internal elections bring their own issues. There are oftentimes, acrimonious exchanges amongst aspirants and their supporters. If these are not addressed after internal elections, the unity we so desire to win the next elections would elude us” he said.

Pledging to unite the party when he is elected the National Chairman, Stephen Ntim said;

“I am ready to resolve all disputes that will arise out of our internal contests. As humans as we are, we may go wrong at one time or the other during the campaign period. There is, therefore, the need to look at all these and address them so that unison, we can defeat the ‘enemy’” he stated.

Mr. Stephen Ntim was accompanied by scores of his supporters and campaign team members to submit his filled nomination forms.

By Laud Nartey|3news.com|Ghana

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