N/R: 'Wizard' escapes death as angry mob storms his residence

But for the timely intervention by Suleman, a family elder, and police officers from the Tamale Metropolitan Police Headquarters, Iddi Baba  and his family would have been lynched by an angry mob that stormed his Choggu  Manayilli residence Friday, September 9.
Iddi Baba, who had just returned from an exile after being forced to abandon his house following an alleged witchcraft that led to the death of one Abukari, a teacher of the Bishop Junior High School in the Choggu Manayili area of the Sagnerigu District of the Northern Region, has just stepped foot in the area after almost one month.
His three sons in an attempt to resist the angry mob inflicted cutlass wounds on Imoro Gundana, Majeed and Abukari, their cousins.
Iddi Baba is alleged to have been mentioned by the dying Abubakari as the cause of his death about three weeks ago.
He was allegedly mentioned by three different nephews of being the cause of the sicknesses that led to their deaths.
TV3, however, gathered that a complaint was lodged at the Gukpe-Naa Palace pending investigation following the death of Abubakari but Iddi Baba stormed the area Friday afternoon to the surprise of residents.
His arrival raised tension among residents, who began pelting stones as they massed up around his residence in disagreement of his return.
The police, however, whisked him together with his family away while tenants were forced to evacuate the residence as the youth threatened to raze the house down.
The officers had to fire warning shots to disperse the teeming residents.
By Zubaida Ismail||Ghana
Twitter: @3Newsgh

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