N/R: Joint police-military team ransacks residence of ex-officer

A combined team of police and military officers Tuesday dawn stormed the Gurugu residence of Dominic Anongba, a former warrant officer (WO), to mount a search.
Reasons for the action were not made known, according to TV3’s Zubaida Ismail, but the former military officer revealed that the officers broke his wall to enter his building.
He told Zubaida Ismail that once they entered, the joint team of uniformed officers ordered all occupants to lie face down.
This was followed by the search.
He narrated that all attempts to accompany the officers in the search proved futile.
“I asked them what intelligence they have picked  on my residence and they would not talk.
“Even my little daughter wanted to [ease on herself] and requested she goes to the toilet  but they did not allow her.
“Is this what I get after serving Ghana in the army for 27 years?”

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