NPP Youth Organiser: Salam Mustapha set for decisive victory

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Following a heated campaign for the coveted National Youth Organiser position of the NPP, delegates, who have arrived in the capital for the ruling party’s conference, look poised to hand Salam Mustapha an emphatic endorsement.

Salam Mustapha, a former Deputy National Youth Organiser of the party, faces off with three others; Prince Kamal Gouma, Abanga Fuseini and Michael Osei Boateng.

But the rank and file of NPP youth, from our interactions with them at their various camps in Accra from last night, clearly see Salam Mustapha as the right person to lead the party’s youth wing for the next general elections.

Our random sampling and interview of youth organisers and tescon representatives from the sixteen regions, revealed an overwhelming endorsement for Salam Mustapha.

Familiar reasons delegates gave across board for supporting Salam’s bid are his experience, consistency and the realness of his message.

“Most of the aspirants just showed up a few months ago to declare their ambitions, but for Salam, I remember has been with us for over two years with his ambitions and he has been to our constituencies and regions quiet a number of times with his vision so this is the time to endorse him,” said a group of delegates from the Western North Region.

Launching his campaign much earlier than his opponents, and continuously interacting with the youth wing of the party at various programmes and conferences, seem to have won Salam more affection and credibility.

In declaring their support, the randomly selected regional youth delegates, refer to Salam’s accessibility and understanding of the present youth situation, having worked under the hugely popular Sammy Awuku, the outgoing National Organiser, who also served as Youth Organiser when Salam was a deputy.

The Sammy Awuku factor, and his subtle endorsement of Salam in the race, have also been well received by the delegates, who believe with Sammy Awuku innhis camp, he has someone with a repertoire of experience to fall on to move the party forward.

Interestingly, a number of delegates have also paid attention to campaign messages of the four aspirants.

The delegates labelled messages of some of the candidates as mere rhetoric due to their outlandish nature.

“One way of determining the seriousness and genuineness of a candidate is the message. When you have a candidate promising things like salaries, mining opportunities and insurance, then you have to be wary because these these things are just mere talk. You are not running for Chairman of General Secretary, so why these flamboyant promises?,” a group of Tescon executives from the Ashanti Region said.

“Salam has been modest and clear in his messages on how he intends to energise and mobilise our youth base and the youth structure of our party. These are realistic targets, not big promises of salary and jobs for every youth organiser. That is not the job of a youth organiser and we won’t be deceived,” said another group of youth delegates from Eastern Region.

From our random interviews and sampling of views of 16 different groups of certified delegates of 16 regions, totalling 220, about 125 of them representing 56.8% said they would vote for Salam Mustapha.

Michael Osei Bonsu, popularly known as Pope is likely to place second, as 46 of the 220 respondents, representing 20.9% rooted for him.

Abanga Fuseini Yakubu came third with 40 delegates endorsing him, which represents 18.1%

Prince Gouma placed 4th with 9 out of 220 delegates we spoke to endorsing him. That represents 4.1%.


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