NPP Youth Organiser moves to dissuade party supporters from ‘taking over’ Passport Office

Sammi Awuku (in smock) asked the supposed NPP supporters to remain calm[/caption] A group of persons on Monday, January 9 stormed the Passports Office in Accra to ostensibly take over the facility. The group said to have stormed the place in shirts marked ‘Invisible Forces’ demanded the immediate exit of the Director of Passports. Invisible Forces is the security appendage of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP). sammy-awuku-passport1 But moments after the incident, the National Youth Organiser of NPP, Sammi Awuku, visited the Office to dissuade the group from their action. He is said to have asked the supporters to remain calm as the transition process progresses peacefully. The group claimed they had instructions to lock the gates and guard the facility. But Director of Passports Alexander Grant Nfrakwa was unfazed by the incident, saying he needs to properly hand over to the new director to be appointed. He called the police, who made some arrests. Source:|Ghana ]]>

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