NPP women deserve better, not handouts — Ellen Ama Daaku

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An aspiring National Women Organiser of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Ellen Ama Daaku, has said her decision to lead the women’s wing of the party is to ensure that more opportunities are created to enhance the socio-economic standard of the women across the 16 regions.

According to her, it is high time the party leadership instituted clear cut policies to empower and address the needs of all the women and other ‘recognized’ women’s groups from polling station to the national level.

She stated, “What our women need is not the usual handouts where we buy cloths, cooking oils, sewing machines etc to influence them for votes and later dump them till another election. Rather, what our women need is hand-ups where special policies and programmes are designed purposely for their wellbeing and economic advancement so that they can have some dignity and respect in society.”

Ms. Ellen Ama Daaku, who is also a National Communication team member of the NPP, maintained that “the women of our party have paid their dues…they have served our great party at different levels, but they have nothing to show for their toil…simply because there is nobody speaking for them or making their voices heard.”

According to her, the government of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo introduced many policies and programmes that are women-friendly but most of them have not benefited NPP women.

She revealed that she would work closely with the various regional and constituency women organisers and other structures to profile all the party women to discover their competences so that the opportunities and support could be extended to them by the party, when she is voted into power.

Ms. Ellen Ama Daaku is currently on a nationwide tour to engaged with the party delegates.

She has so far visited the Ashanti, Eastern, Bono, Bono East, Ahafo, Northern, North East, Volta, Oti, Savannah, Western, Western North and Central regions.

The final year law student of GIMPA who seems to possess more qualities that would inure to the benefit of the women and the NPP as a party, is of the view of that the aspirations of the majority of the women in NPP from polling station to the national level are yet to be served.

Ms. Daaku noted that there are several committed young party ladies, women, past and present women officers who have served the NPP with all their lives, time and resources, without any reward or proper recognition by the party.

“As someone who speaks for our party at the national level and as someone who leads majority of our women at the polling station, constituency, regional and national levels, I have had the opportunity to sit and interact with our women both young and old, and I can tell you that majority of them are dissatisfied with the party.

“They feel disillusioned, marginalized and neglected…because as a party in power we are not able to create opportunities for them including those who are graduates to go into business or become self-reliant.

“And I know this is all about leadership and that is why I, Ellen Ama Daaku is offering myself to our women so that they can find our party – the NPP, more attractive and worth dying for,” she stressed.

Ms. Ellen Ama Daaku is Number 2 on the ballot paper for the NPP National Women Organiser’s election.

She is confident of unseating the incumbent national women organizer.


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