Mahama's brother called me useless, hopeless – Minister

Nuhu Mahama Akalbila leaving the police station on Saturday[/caption] The Upper East Regional Minister, Rockson Ayine Bukari has given insight into circumstances which triggered his order for the arrest of former regional chairman of the NPP Adams Mahama’s brother. Nuhu Mahama Akalbila was arrested and detained several hours at the Bolgatanga District Police Headquarters on Saturday for acting in a manner in which the minister felt threatened. The who problem started when the two who are relatives and members of the governing New Patriotic Party clashed at a funeral recently where the minister had gone to support preparation towards the occasion, and Akalbila, he said, threatened to “destroy” him. “He just rushed on me insulting me, ‘useless man, hopeless man, you are who? Nothing! I will show you, I’ll destroy you…I will make sure you are removed, useless, hopeless’,” he recounted his ordeal to TV3’s Upper East correspondent Rabiu Tanko. The minister claimed Mahama Akalbila even nearly stoned him but for the timely intervention of witnesses around, but he prevailed on his supporters not to “discipline” him for his seemingly untoward behaviour. He had to inform the head of the family about the attitude put up by “my brother” but when Nuhu Akalbila was surging on him security personnel there whisked him (minister) away. “Later on he [Nuhu Akalbila] was picked up to the police station. This is what happened,” the Regional Minister, Rockson Ayine Bukari recalled. Bail and Apology After interrogation by the Criminal Investigations Depart of the police, Nuhu Mahama Akalbila was granted bail. According to the minister, some prominent persons from the area went to his house “pleading that it is a family matter”, which he indicated his willingness to let it go. “They went to the police station and bailed him, and brought him here. He came and knelt down before me and apologised,” he said as he “wished him all the best” and the two closed their ranks. Though Nuhu Mahama Akalbila confirmed he was at the residence of the minister after the bail with some elders who pleaded on his behalf , he personally did not beg for forgiveness. _________________________________________________________________

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Read also: Show of power: Minister ‘orders’ arrest of late Mahama’s brother _________________________________________________________________ By Isaac Essel ||Ghana]]>