NPP Germany denies arrest of anti-Mahama demonstrators

The Germany Branch of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has described as false publications in a section of the Ghanaian media that two of the anti-John Dramani Mahama demonstrators in Berlin were arrested for being illegal immigrants.

News broke last week that the arrested faced deportation and were ironically calling on President John Mahama to intervene.

“Concerned about this alleged development, NPP Germany took it upon itself to contact the Police authorities in Berlin who denied categorically that any of the protestors was arrested, let alone for being an illegal immigrant,” a statement from the Branch said.

Signed by Chairman Alhassan Yakubu Tali, the statement said the leader of the police that guided the demonstrators, Inspector Hartman, denied arrests of any of the demonstrators upon inquiry.

“He, in fact, went on to point out that, under German law, the police are not allowed to control people’s immigration status at permitted demonstrations,” Alhaji Tali explained.

‘Below the belt’

According to him, organizers of the demonstration, which took place in front of Berlin’s Intercontinental Hotel, have denied any such arrests, clarifying that “all those who took part in the demonstration are back to their various cities safely.”

Alhaji Tali imputed government propaganda to the publications.

“What is clear is that President John Mahama and his Flagstaff House propagandists are bent on using old-fashioned communist tactics to strike fear against Ghanaians abroad who want to speak out against the corruption, and bad governance under his watch in this second term of the NDC’s eight-year rule.”

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He enjoined the Ghana Embassy in Berlin and the Presidency to apologise to the German government before the situation turns into a “needless diplomatic row.”

“It is way below the belt.”

By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||Ghana