NPP elder Ameyaw-Akumfi disappointed in Alan; says he’s set bad example for the youth

Prof Christopher Ameyaw-Akumfi

A senior member of the , Professor Christopher Ameyaw-Akumfi, has expressed disappointment in the decision by former Trade to resign from the party.

He said as elders of the party, his likes and that of Mr Kyerematen should guide the regarding a continuous commitment to the party.

“Honestly, I find it disappointing because he is an elder of the party and it is the elders who have all these stories to tell, the good, the bad, the worse, disappointments and so on,” the former Minister stated on TV3 in an interview on News 360 on Tuesday, September 26.

“But in doing so, we urge the youth on that these are going to be challenges but do learn to cope with them and et the party to move forward.”

He rejected allegations that the party seems to have ignored concerns raised by Mr Kyerematen in the aftermath of the August 26 Super Delegates Conference.

He disclosed that the National Executive Committee (NEC) had referred his petition to the Disciplinary Committee, which was following painstaking steps not only to hear from parties involved but to carve out solutions for the way forward.

“So if at the heat of it, we leave the group, how are we going to get the youth to learn from the good and the bad and this is why I find the action so disappointing.”

Prof Ameyaw-Akumfi expressed hope that Mr Kyerematen will have a “second thought” about his decision.

The former Trade Minister had announced his withdrawal from the flagbearership race on Tuesday, September 5, citing anomalies with the Conference.

Exactly 20 days later, he announced his resignation from the party and his intention to next year's elections as an independent candidate.

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