Now you need 15 cedis to enjoy proper gob3 – Gob3 Gucci owner

Now you need 15 cedis to enjoy proper gob3 - Gob3 Gucci owner
Gob3 Gucci

Berla Mundi and the Day Show spoke to Mawusi, co-owner of Gob3 Gucci, a popular beans-meal joint in Accra. She revealed that the high cost of living has taken a toll on patronage.

Mawusi disclosed that formerly, Ghc5 could get one meal consisting of beans, gari, fried ripe plantains and 1 boiled egg.

“First, if you have GHc5, you can eat gob3 with enough plantain. But now you need about Ghc15 before you can have enough gob3 and plantain. They are not buying much, and the market has become on and off.

“Initially, we used to bring about five or six pans, but now we bring three and a half. I think people love it because they prefer gob3 more than Koko and others. Others say it helps them save cost.”

According to Mawusi, the business has been running in the family for about 58 years. She mentioned that her grandmother started and then passed it on to her Auntie, who is now managing the business.

Gob3 Gucci starts operating from 7:30 to 4:00 pm.

Speaking to a customer who was heartily enjoying his meal, Berla Mundi asked why he loved eating gob3. He replied, “It’s a good food that gives energy. It’s better than fried rice and pizza and those kinds of things. This one gives strength, and the others give sickness.”

Watch the full interview below:


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