Nothing wrong with showing skin in music videos – Abyna Morgan

Nothing wrong with showing skin in music videos - Abyna Morgan
Abyna Morgan

The sensational Abyna Morgan of TV3 Mentor 2020 fame stressed that she sees nothing wrong with female musicians spicing their art with a little exposed skin.

The ‘Woa’ hit singer said she has always been a free bird when it comes to creativity, but she can conform to learn something new. Like all the skills she needed for her career that she learned in the Mentor reality house.

She said in an interview with Giovani Caleb on Showbiz 360, Friday, June 4, on the question about nudity that “somebody like Abyna, I’m a free bird. I do what I like. Maybe I don’t go overboard at a certain point because of where I find myself, like Mentor. The Mentor is a reality show that will keep you in check. So maybe I had this whole passion inside, and so I don’t have any problem with somebody being nude”.

Reacting to how people focus on the nude aspect of female artists who flaunt their skin to complement their videos, Abyna Morgan begged to differ. She said, “I disagree with them because if a woman is walking naked, those who want to look will look, and those who don’t won’t look. No siren announces for everyone to look at her, it’s just you, you are doing you”.

She pointed out to the host that she has come to stay with her sultry music style to stamp her presence in the music industry. She said she came on Mentor to regain her strength after falling short the first time entering the industry. But now she is here to do all it takes to make a claim in the showbiz industry.

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The Kumerican songstress has a new single called ‘Catch A Vibe’ with a sassy and colourful video to compliment it. She entreated all to follow and support her on all music and social media platforms.

By Barima Kwabena Yeboah||Ghana