Do not increase transport fares – Drivers warned

Fears of the motoring public as regards reports of increase in transport fares have been allayed after an announcement by Road Transport Operators that there will be no upward review of fares. After a marginal increase in fuel prices for the second price window in September, drivers agitated for an increase in fares. But after a meeting held on Friday, stakeholders in the transport sector agreed that there should be no increase in fares from the fuel price increases. “We as transport operators have monitored the increases and decreases in the prices of fuel from April, 2017 when we had the recent transport fare increase to date,” a release issued after the meeting said. “We have noted that the Net Position does not create a significant increase to warrant increase in transport fares. “In view of the above, all transport operators are NOT TO INCREASE TRANSPORT FARES and we seek the operation of members in this regard.” Source:|Ghana ]]>

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