No More: Quamina Mp eulogizes late father’s memories

No More: Qwamina MP eulogizes father’s memories
Quamina Mp

The departed may not be with us physically, but they will always remain in our hearts. Quamina Mp celebrated his father’s memories with his fans with stories of the impact he had on his career.

The vibrant young man, Quamina Mp, was noticeably solemn when the topic of his father came up during an interview with Miriam on TV3 Urban Blend. Qwamina MP admitted that last year was not a good year mainly because he lost his father.

He spoke about the close bond between them and how his dad was his number 1 fan. He said, “He was very supportive. He supported anything that I do. Whether good or bad. But if he knows what I am doing is going to cause harm or anything, he will let me know.”
Remember a few instances where they had varying opinions about an issue. Quamina Mp mentioned that initially, his father was not happy with his locs. He also added that his lifestyle back then contributed to his fathers’ disposition towards his hairstyle. He said he was pretty much lazying around without much to account. So his father did not like the way he was living back then. Later they bridged the gap when his father realized it was just a hairstyle and had no impact on his life.

Quamina Mp retold a piece of advice that his father gave him, which has guided him throughout his music career. According to the singer, his father, Bongo, told him to take everything he does seriously. And not pay heed to naysayers. He should also not pay attention to negative comments.
“I also remember he said one thing. That people I saw when I was coming up. Will be the same people I would see if I am to go down. So I have to be very careful and make sure I am there for people who deserve it. The people loyal to me, I have to be loyal to them. I do not need to turn my back on anybody.”

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The singer also said his father fell in love with one of his songs, No More, which he is yet to release. He wrote this song long before becoming famous as Quamina Mp. He said his father like the song so much that he asked him to rerecord it, which he hopes to do very soon. He said he would dedicate it to his father.

Moving on, Quamina Mp calls himself a versatile musician who does ‘happy music.’ He also disclosed that he does not hold any nominations at this year VGMA. He says it was a deliberate decision not to file any nominations this year. But his fans should expect a fire album this year.
The Musician and his father were involved in an accident last year.

Unfortunately, his father passed on. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Our hearts and prayers are with the family.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana