No Ghanaians ‘so far killed’ in Hajj stampede

No Ghanaian has been killed so far in Thursday’s deadly stampede in Mecca, Ghanaian authorities have said.

Efforts are, however, underway to determine whether there are any Ghanaian casualties, the authorities noted.

The Hajj stampede on the day of celebrating Eid-ul-Adha led to the loss of 717 lives with over 800 seriously injured.

The cause of the accident is not yet known though Saudi authorities say it might have been caused by “some pilgrims with African nationalities”.

So far, Nigeriens, Chadians and Senegalese are said to be Africans among the dead.

Speaking on TV3’s News 360 on Thursday, September 24, Deputy Public Relations Officer of the Hajj Board Mohammed Amin Lamptey, who is also in Mecca, said no Ghanaian has been reported as yet to be part of the victims of the disaster.

But it is possible some Ghanaians may have been at the spot where the accident occurred, another member of the Hajj Board is reported as saying.


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