No evidence of match fixing against Ghana – Karl Tuffour

Veteran sports journalist, Karl Tuffour has rubbished comments and allegations of match-fixing by the South Africa Football Association (SAFA) against Ghana.

Mr Tuffour maintained that there is no iota of evidence by SAFA to back their claims.

”For me, it’s simply sour grapes. They don’t have any case, they don’t have any legs to stand on. There’s none. FIFA cannot change the referee’s decision. Otherwise, it’ll set a precedent. Unless there is evidence that some level of malfeasance had taken place, but there’s none,” he told TV3’s Laud Adu-Asare in an exclusive interview.

Singling out Daany Jordaan, the veteran said he was disappointed in his pronouncements, describing them as insulting.

The President of the South African Football Association (SAFA) had claimed that had Ghana lost the World Cup qualifier against his side on Sunday at the Cape Coast Stadium there would have been a major socio-economic problem for President Akufo-Addo.

”With all due respect to him, absolute rubbish, frivolous. The same can apply to him. After all, South Africa has not qualified to any world cup since 2002.

” 2006 they failed, 2010 they were only there because they were hosts. 2014 they were not there, 2018 they were not there. So, can we also say that they too bribed Ethiopia to have the match moved from Nairobi to Jo’Berg? He quizzed.


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