‘No Dulling’ lyrics were written by me, not Keche – Kuami Eugene sets the record straight


Popular Ghanaian musician, Kuami Eugene has insisted that he wrote the lyrics for the hit collaboration with duo Keche, ‘No Dulling'.

The song which was released in 2020 went on to become a viral sensation and enjoyed massive airplay but controversy soon arose over who actually wrote the song.

Many credited with the success of the track, a claim that did not sit well with Keche.

According to the duo, they've written all their songs since they started their professional career in music, and Andrew, one of the members of the group, wrote “No Dulling.”

They took issue with Kuami Eugene's claim that he had written the song for them, questioning whether he was even a rapper.

“Andrew wrote it. Nobody has ever written a song for Keche. No Dulling is a Keche song. Kuami Eugene went and sat somewhere and said he wrote the song for us. Kuami Eugene is he a rapper?” Keche said

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In response to Keche's comments, Kuami Eugene appeared on the Show and stated that he had indeed written the entire song.

According to him, Keche had come to his studio to record their verse, and he did not charge them anything for the feature.

He also noted that in the Western world, it is common for songwriters to collaborate with other artists and that this does not mean that the artist lacks talent.

“I think it's because in this industry when someone writes for someone, they think the person the song was written for doesn't have talent, but it doesn't work like that in the Western World,” Kuami Eugene said. “When they came, I had already written the song. So what they came to add was ‘Otan bebrebe yi enti wo da aa wo da?' … I have done this before.”

Speaking on their current , Kuami Eugene revealed that things have become quite frosty since they went out to malign his name but he'll not hesitate to write a new song for them if they requested.


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Rebecca Williams
Rebecca Williams
6 months ago

Ghanaians are hypocrites.