No Covid-19 vaccines in Ghana for sale yet – FDA

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has warned the public against the patronage of medicines presented to them by “some unscrupulous members of the business community” as Covid-19 vaccines.

According to the authority, it has not as yet approved any vaccines to be sold in Ghana for that purpose.

A statement dated January 12 has asked the public to be extra vigilant, while cautioning health facilities who claim to have Covid-19 vaccine for sale to desist from same forthwith, as it constitutes an offence.

“The general public is hereby cautioned against the patronage of such vaccines since the FDA has not yet approved any COVID-19 vaccine for use in Ghana. In view of the above, the FDA wishes to inform all health facilities and the general public that, peddling of such information contravenes Section 118 of the Public Health Act 2012, Act 851 and constitutes a very serious offence”

FDA assures the public it will continue to do surveillance to ensure the safety of the public and that when a vaccine is eventually approved for use in Ghana, the appropriate authorities will make the announcement.

“The Authority wants to assure the general public that it remains committed to protecting the health and safety of consumers. To this end, it monitors social media and online activities pertaining to the products it regulates; therefore. anyone caught dealing with unregistered COVID-19 vaccine will be sanctioned in accordance with the provisions of Section 129 of Act 851, which includes a fine of up to GHC 180,000 or to a term of imprisonment of up to 25 years or both.

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“Please note that when the CORD-19 vaccine is approved by the FDA for use in Ghana, the Ministry of Health will issue a national policy on the use of CORD-19 vaccines throughout the health sector”