NMC chairman asks media not to pass on evil and foul words of politicians to the public

Chairman of the National Media Commission, Mr. Yaw Boadu Ayeboafoh has asked the media not to be a conveyor belt for politicians to transmit anything evil to the populace. He wants the media to sift through pronouncements of politicians and block explosive comments that could hurt the peace of the country and bring instability. Mr. Boadu Ayeboafoh was speaking at the launch of Media General’s Election Command Centre in Accra on Tuesday. Election Command Centre is the media conglomerate’s way of providing trusted, reliable and credible coverage of the forthcoming 2020 general elections across radio, TV and online. “For me it is not about addressing the politicians to speak well, but it is about engaging the media, that no matter how evil the politicians are, no matter the foul language that they use, we as the media has the responsibility to ensure that one we relate to the public is responsible.” The NMC chairman stressed, “We cannot be irresponsible because at the end of the day if we become irresponsible and this country is thrown into chaos, we may not have the nerves to exist to do what we are doing.” Mr. Boadu Ayeboafo also charged journalists to tolerate even those they dislike, which he said is the essence of democracy, “otherwise if we listen to only things we want to hear, then we will only be fundamentalists”. “It is in our own interest that we enjoy the peace we have so far and we can only do that when we open up to everyone and when we keep the ethics of our profession that we are fair, balance and that we are objective.” He then gave a brief history about how he was able to maintain good relationship with politicians from 1992, a period in which talking about politicians, he indicated, could be a sacrilege but he was able to contain all the adversities. He encouraged Media General to continue the good work of providing impartial and accurate reportage in order to remain relevant and credible. He said “if you start bathing early that is when your eye reddens, you have begun earlier, keep it up and on that note I pledge to peace”.

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By Matilda Asante (intern) | 3news.com]]>