Almost 100yrs, what’s the probability you will win; Nkonya-Alavanyo residents asked

Nana Otubea II and Mamaga Ametor II are targeting the youth with their peace campaign
Nana Otubea II and Mamaga Ametor II are targeting the youth with their peace campaign

There appears to be a glimmer of hope in the almost century-long conflict between the people of Nkonya and Alavanyo as queenmothers of the two communities join forces to seal a peace deal.

The protracted conflict in the two Volta regional towns has left hundreds dead or maimed as the battle to own a large tract of land proves to be a cul-de-sac. Though the land is no longer a major issue due to several interventions, it is worrying that people are committing crimes which are erroneously linked to the land dispute.

“Our forefathers have fought the battle for over 90 years, so what is the probability that you are going to win?” Nana Otubea II, Paramount Queen of Nkonya Traditional Area asked the youth of the two communities.

She posted the rhetoric question on TV3’s flagship programme, New Day, when she appeared on the show with Mamaga Ametor II, the Paramount Queen of Alavanyo Traditional Area on Monday.

The two queenmothers are targeting the youth in their respective area who are usually used as conduit to commit heinous crimes.

“War is not good, crime is not good,” Nana Otubea II stressed as she appealed to the youth to stop the fight to attract investments and other social services to the area.

According to her, she is informed that there are people with interest in the conflict and have been selling guns to the youth. She however noted that together with her partners, the youth are being sensitised to come to the realisation that their future is what is being destroyed.

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She therefore advised all to name and shame persons perpetrating crime in the two communities.

The queenmother commended the security agencies for the work done so far, adding that the onus lies on the traditional leaders to help the security agencies to fish out perpetrators of crime in these communities.

Mamaga Ametor II, the Paramount Queen of Alavanyo Traditional Area, reiterated points made by her colleague.

She sees the raging conflict as a psychological one, hence if it is not tackled from that angle, especially on the part of the youth, it would be difficult to solve it.

She also pleaded with the security agencies to expedite investigations into crimes committed in the area and also give them feedback to assuage the anger of people who want to revenge .

“Sometimes people go in for revenge because they feel their relatives have been murdered and the law is not taking its due course,” she remarked.

By Isaac Essel ||Ghana