'Nigerians think I have taken juju' – Shaka Zulu, winner 2021 Ghana's Strongest

'Nigerians think I have taken juju' – Shaka Zulu
Shaka Zulu and Giovani Caleb
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The winner of Ghana’s Strongest ‘Champions of Champions’, Shaka Zulu, is quite amused about how Nigerians are gobsmacked over the magnitude of his strength.

Speaking with Giovani Caleb as a guest on Showbiz 360, Shaka Zulu revealed that some Nigerians are doubting the genuineness of his physical strength. After seeing the video of him pulling a heavy truck. He said, “ Tonto Dikeh posted it. And people said I have eaten medicine. The Nigerians say I go chop juju … This is training.”

Damian Smith, aka Shaka Zulu, is a 3x Champion of Ghana’s Strongest Body Building completion. He won in 2017, 2018 and is currently the reigning champion in 2021. 


According to Shaka Zulu, he is an all-around athlete. “Me I dey push. I dey lift. I am a whole round athlete. I don’t have a weakness. But this time, when I came down, I have seen that I have a weakness. But before, I wasn’t having any weakness because I was a whole round athlete.  

He ascertained that this new development could because of a whole year of hiatus from the gym. Unfortunately, he was in the USA when COVID-19 struck and got stuck in the lock-down. “2017, I dey form like something. You know, during the COVID, they closed gyms in America for one year. That thing has never happened to me before. I didn’t go to the gym for one year. I wan die. I wish I was in Ghana. So, I can go to the ghetto gym. So the whole year, I never trained.”


Despite not being able to train, Shaka Zulu won the title as Ghana’s Strongest. According to him, the secret is because he knows the game. He also disclosed that he had only three weeks of training before entering into the completion this year.
Shaka Zulu commended TV3 for starting this sporting completion because it has changed the perception people have about macho men. He said through the show, people have seen that they are not criminals. Neither are they thugs nor hoodlums.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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