Nigerian teen flogged mercilessly by father for practising lesbianism

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A young girl who kept flaunting her lesbian lover on social media was brutalized by her father and other family members to ‘beat the lesbianism out of her. This dreadful incident happened in Onitsha in Nigeria.

The viral video making rounds on social media shows the girl and her lesbian lover kissing and hangout out at date spots. They are also seen loved-up in bed naked except a towel covering.

But the latter part of the video shows her father strangling her as he keeps screaming in Igbo, asking her why she is practising lesbianism. Whilst other family members either look on or join the father to lash her.

The hard-to-watch brutalizing video has garnered a lot of reactions on social media. Most believe that this is the wrong way to handle the situation as this maltreatment could harden her resolve or worse kill her.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana

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