Nigerian church burned after brother weds sister


Angry villagers in the eastern Nigerian state of Anambra have set a church ablaze after its pastor conducted a wedding between a man and his teenager sister, the website of privately-owned daily Nigerian Tribune has reported.

The local community in Agba, Ekwulobia, termed the siblings’ union as an abomination.

“In an apparent reaction to the unusual wedding, Agba Village youths who saw the marriage as an abomination set ablaze the church where the wedlock took place,” the newspaper said.

According to the report, the siblings’ older brother conducted the wedding, citing Biblical scriptures to back up his actions.

In a strange twist, far from condemning the act, the mother of the couple told local journalists that his son’s action was biblical, adding: “My son paid the dowry as required.”

Social media reports on the incident claim the brother, 25, had also impregnated the sister.

Source: BBC

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