Nigerian artistes are our friends, not competitors – Omar Sterling

Nigerian artistes are our friends, not competitors – Omar Sterling
R2Bees (Back 2 Basics)

Omar Sterling of the music duo, R2Bees, advocates for a change in the relationship between Ghanaian and Nigerian artistes. According to the urban music pioneer, Ghanaian musicians should see their Nigerian counterparts as allies instead of rivals.

Omar Sterling, popularly known as Paedae, made this statement during an interview with Okay FM while discussing their latest album release, ‘Back 2 Basics’.
Speaking on his close relationship with Nigerian artiste, Paedae revealed some insights to help push both industries equally.

“With our relationship with our colleagues in Nigerian, first of, I feel like Ghana, we should start to see Nigerian as our collaborators, not competitors. Because one hand washes the other, and vice versa. I think Nigerians have done a lot for Afrobeats music. But I believe Ghanaians are pioneers of Aforbeats music from my little know-how.”

He further explains that it is time both fractions leverage their strengths to benefit each other. Omar Sterling pointed out that this would stop the unnecessary comparison, which fuels needless rivalry.

“I just believe that we have the music, but we don’t have the numbers. Nigeria has the numbers. So this hand should wash the other and vice versa. I feel like we should change the narrative. We should change our focus from who’s better than who to we all need each other.”

On the other hand, Omar Sterling praised Ghanaian artistes for how far they’ve come despite the pitfalls and shortcomings in the industry. He encourages everyone to take pride in their achievements instead of comparing themselves to a well-established industry in Nigerian.

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“Again when you look at Africa, it is not only about Ghana and Nigeria alone. It’s a big continent. But as for music, it is Ghana and Nigerian holding the reigns. So if you look at just Nigerian, you will feel like because they are far from us or doing better than us, we kind of feel inferior.
“But we are not doing bad at all with our numbers, which is our population. And we barely have resources and also do not have an industry. We barely have an industry. So we are doing well.”

‘Back 2 Basics’ is one of the fiercest albums released in 2021. Available on all digital music platforms.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana