Nigeria floods ‘kill 100’

Picture AFP

The authorities in Nigeria say more than 100 people have been killed in floods across the country in the past two weeks.

The National Emergency Management Agency (Nema) says heavy rains caused the country’s two major rivers – Niger River and Benue River – to overflow.

The government is urging residents along waterways to relocate to safe places.

The devastation is across Nigeria, but most have been killed in the north-central state of Niger.

The head of Nema, Mustapha Yunusa Maihaja, told the BBC more than 40 people have died in the state.

Deaths have also been reported from 11 other states, he said.

Dozens of areas have been submerged, thousands of people have been left homeless and vast swathes of farmlands have been destroyed by the floods.

Rural areas are the worst hit. The Nigerian authorities say there is the possibility of more floods in the coming days and weeks as the country continues to witness heavy rains.

They are considering declaring a state of emergency over the disaster to ensure a more effective response.

Nigeria faces flooding almost every year.

Analysts blame it on lack of proper town planning, blocked waterways and poor drainage systems.

They also say the Lagdo Dam in neighbouring Cameroon, which is on the Benue River that runs through Nigeria, poses a risk of heavy flooding when the Cameroonian authorities release the dam’s excess water.

Source: BBC

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