NIA sets up registration centre at RGD to provide TIN to businesses

The Registrar-General Mrs Jemima Oware has told all persons without Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) who intend to register their businesses that the National Identification Authority (NIA) has set up a registration centre within the Registrar-General’s Department (RGD) premises in Accra where they can get registered.

She told Onua TV’s Kwame Tutu in interview that this move is meant to reduce the burden in the TIN registration process for business owners.

“Don’t worry if you want to register your business but don’t have a TIN. We have set up a registration centre within the yard where you can go and get your TIN and then come for your business registration.

“The NIA officials are with GRA personal generating the TIN,” she said.

The RGD is working in collaboration with the NIA to merge the unique ID number of the ‘Ghana Card’ to be replaced with the Tax Identification Number (TIN).

Implementation is expected to commence on April 1, 2021 and the change or transition is envisaged to enhance smooth registration of efficient and effective administration of entities, Businesses, Industrial Property marriages.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo while delivering the State of the Nations Address in Parliament announced that starting from April 1, 2021, the Ghana Card will replace TIN.

“Mr Speaker for the first time, we have enrolled 15.5 million people onto the National Identity System [Ghana Card] and we will complete the process this year. From April 1, 2021, all National identification numbers will become Tax Identification Numbers [TINs].

“In so doing, the number of persons registered by GRA for tax purposes will increase from the current three million to 15.5 million,” said the President.

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The President also added that the Ghana Card numbers will eventually replace SSNIT Numbers and will be linked to other government or statutory services like the Birth and Death Registry, Banks Accounts, DVLA etc.

“This will increase the number of people on the SSNIT database from four million (4 million) to 15.5 million! The National ID numbers will also become NHIS numbers. Very soon we will link the National ID to all SIM cards, bank accounts, Births and Death Registry, DVLA, and passports.”

By Laud Nartey||Ghana