Nhyiaeso floating voters pitch camp with Dr. Sarpong

Dr. Samuel Sarpong
Dr. Samuel Sarpong
A group calling itself the Floating Voters Association in Nhyiaeso constituency in the Ashanti region has declared support for the NDC’s parliamentary candidate, Dr. Samuel Sarpong.
Its president, Mr Yaw Boateng told the media with keen observation of the various candidates vying for the parliamentary seat, Dr. Samuel Sarpong, who is the Managing Director of State Housing Cooperation, stands tall among them due to his campaign messages and the support he gives to the youth.
According to him, the NDC’s candidate has sponsored a number of the youth in their education which he said is clear evidence that, when he is given the mandate to represent them in Parliament, he will do more for them. He therefore called on the constituents to vote massively for Dr. Samuel Sarpong in the upcoming parliamentary election.
Below is the full press statement:
Good morning ladies and gentlemen from the inky fraternity, we appreciate your time this morning even though it was a short notice you have managed to honour our invitation and we say thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have called you here to let you know our stance in this constituency (Nhyiaeso) as we have few days to the general election which would definitely determine our future. We the Youth of Nhyiaeso have  being at the bench monitoring closely the campaign messages of the parliamentary candidates for both NDC and NPP of which after a thorough scrutiny we have made our choice.
Ladies and gentlemen of the press, We have now tuned our mind to one of these candidates, Dr Samuel Sarpong, after realizing that he stands for the truth, unity, development and youth empowerment for the constituency.
The following, ladies and gentlemen, are the reasons why we have endorsed Hon Dr Samuel Sarpong:
1. Dr Samuel Sarpong has been consistent on his commitment to empowering the youth within this constituency (Nhyiaeso), and be a father for all if voted for whiles Mr Kennedy Kankam who we the youth initially thought he could “wear the shoes” of Dr Richard Anane has not been clear on his vision for the youth in this constituency.
2. Whiles Dr Samuel Sarpong is always availing himself to us to find out our major challenges as youth, Mr Kankam has felt so relaxed and reluctant to even meet the youth with his message, thinking that the traditional adage “this is our strong hold” will work for him.
Ladies and gentlemen, we wish to sound it clear to Mr Kennedy Kankam that we are now discerning enough to rubbish that “dilapidated” adage  which used to work for the NPP. Our group which consists majority of floating voters, wish to emphasize that we are now focussing on issues and thinking of who really fits to wear the shoes of Hon Dr Richard Anane to transform the lives of the youth and uplift the image of Nhyiaeso before the world. Yes we are now wise to decide for our future. Therefore we are urging all our parents, brothers, sisters, uncles and Aunties in the Nhyiaeso constituency to vote massively for Hon Dr Samuel Sarpong on the election day to dissolve some of the burdens. Parents please think of our future first and vote for Dr Sarpong because he understands our plight.
We however wants to call on Mr Kennedy Kankam that though he is also a fine gentleman who can lead us after eight (8) years from now, he should use his so called “door to door campaign” to rally behind Dr Sarpong, Even though we have not asked him to leave his party NPP so that in the near future when he comes again we shall all support him. Ladies and gentlemen of the press, we thank you very much for your attention. Long live Nhyiaeso Constituency. Long live Ghana. Thank you.
AKwasi  Owusu                            (Convenor).
Yaw Boateng                                    (President).
Papa Kwaw                              (Secretary).
By Antwi Boasiako |Akoma FM |3news.com

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