NHIA announces increase in service tariffs

The National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) has announced an increase in service tariffs.

The Authority revealed in a statement released on Wednesday, February 1 that a surge in medicinal products as well as medical services has become necessary due to the increase in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

As a result, framework medicines will be affected with a 50% increase in addition to 30% marginal surge by NHIA.

While non-framework medicines increased by 20%, there will also be a widespread increase in service tariffs by 10%.

The statement also indicated that new medications like Artemether Injection 80mg/ml and Levofloxacin Infusion 500mg/ml will now be part of the list of medicines of the NHIA and will be restored by the National Health Insurance Scheme.

NHIA has paid Ghs290m to service providers in 2021 alone


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