Supreme Court dismisses preliminary objection by Speaker’s lawyer in the suit against anti-LGBTQI bill


The Supreme Court has dismissed the preliminary objection by the lawyer of the Speaker of Parliament, Thaddeus Sory in the case against the anti-LGBTQI bill.

On Wednesday, May 8 when the court sat to hear the case which was carried live on television, Lawyers for broadcast journalist Richard Sky who filed the case, sought to amend one of the reliefs on the motion for injunction.

Lawyer for the Speaker of Parliament Thaddeus Sory objected to this.

He argued that he had already indicated in documents filed earlier that his side objected to how that relief had been couched and so allowing them to amend it would defeat his objection.

After hearing the arguments, the Justices of the Apex  Court chaired by Chief Justice Gertrude Torkoornoo ruled that “our considered view is that the preliminary objection is unnecessary and does not seek to assist any process before this court. Every party has an inherent right to present the appropriate formulation of their reliefs or other process before the court to enable the court to determine the real matters in controversy. The objection is dismissed.”

The Chief Justice further told the lawyers of the speaker that “You have taken our time and energy for nothing.”

Ghanaian Journalist, Richard Dela Sky, and Researcher Dr. Amanda Odoi are set to appear before the Supreme Court today, Wednesday, May 8, 2024, to move their respective lawsuits challenging the passage of the anti-LGBTQ+ Bill.

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