SALL: Blame Parliament for no representation not EC – Bossman Asare to Franklin Cudjoe

Dr. Eric Bossman Asare, Deputy Commissioner at EC

The Deputy Commissioner in Charge of Corporate Services at the Electoral Commission, Dr. Eric Bossman Asare, has stated that Parliament must be blamed for the lack of representation for the constituents of Santrokofi, Apkafu, Lolobi, and Lipke (SALL) and not the Commission.

He therefore dismissed the allegations against the EC for intentionally disenfranchising the people of SALL.

Residents of SALL only voted in the 2020 presidential election and did not vote in parliamentary elections. This decision was contained in a statement from the EC on December 6, 2020, the eve of the general election.

“If you want someone to blame for that process, [it should be] the parliament. The time the Parliament began the process of creating the LI that created Guan, they should have known that it wasn’t possible that a constituency would be created for them to vote in the parliamentary election.”

“Clearly, anyone who blames the EC for what happened in Guanxi—for them not electing a member of Parliament—doesn’t understand the processes of Parliament,” he said in an interview on Joy FM on Wednesday, May 15.

Additionally, the Commission stated that it never disenfranchised the people of SALL, as alleged by the President of IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe.

Also, the election management body described the claims as false and urged the public to disregard them.


“It is unfortunate that IMANI continues to peddle falsehood and untruths about the Commission at every point and turn. His [Franklin Cudjoe’s] narrative that the Commission disenfranchised the people of SALL, now the Guan Constituency, is FALSE. We urge the public to verify information put out by IMANI, with the Commission for the truth and the facts.”

Meanwhile, Mr Cudjoe, in a quick rebuttal of the EC’s statement, said the Commission displayed “brazen dishonesty” in its May 14 statement.

“The 14th May 2024 statement of the Electoral Commission is not only brazenly dishonest but puts on stark display to the whole world the gross incompetence of the Jean Mensah -led Electoral Commission.

“I have no doubt that the people of Ghana will not be hoodwinked by the brazen dishonesty of the Electoral Commission nor will they allow such brazen dishonesty and gross incompetence to stand in the way of our democracy.

“The unconstitutional and illegal actions of the Commission must be constantly exposed for the sake of upholding our democracy and we will not relent in our commitment to doing just that,” Mr. Cudjoe stated.