The name AMERI Power Plant was not suitable – Member of NPP communication team on why name was changed


In a recent development, National Communication Team Member for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Ezekial Agyemang-Obeng says the New Patriotic Party’s decision to rename the AMERI Power Plant to the Kumasi 1 Thermal Power Plant is because the former name was not suitable for the thermal plant.

Dr. Agyemang-Obeng clarified that the renaming was not driven by any malicious intent as the National Democratic Congress (NDC) alleges, but rather aimed at aligning with the traditional method of naming power plants based on their geographical locations.

He further pointed out that the term “AMERI” is associated with a group of intermediaries whose involvement in the energy sector has been surrounded by controversy, making it unsuitable as a namesake for a power plant.

During an interview with Nana Yaa Brefo and Isaac Ekow JB on Yen Nsempa, Onua FM, April 18, Dr. Agyemang-Obeng emphasized that historically, power plants have been named according to their geographical locations.

He cited examples such as the Kpong Thermal Plant in Kpong and the Tema Thermal Plant in Tema, highlighting the long-standing practice of naming power facilities based on their surroundings.

“If you check the chronology of the names of Power Plants first of all its location is what is used to name the plant,” stated Dr. Agyemang-Obeng. “Usually Plants are named according to the location, it’s just a matter of the geographical location of the Plant and which went first, that is how it has always been.”

Dr. Agyemang-Obeng further explained that the decision to rename the AMERI Power Plant was not intended to discredit the NDC and its flagbearer John Mahama nor to take credit for themselves to do what is appropriate.

The renaming of the AMERI Power Plant to the Kumasi 1 Thermal Power Plant has sparked criticism from the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The NDC has accused President Akufo-Addo’s administration of making an unrealistic and costly decision by renaming and relocating the plant to Anwomaso in the Ashanti Region.

The AMERI Power Plant was originally procured in 2015 under a build-own-operate and transfer arrangement to produce 250 megawatts of power to enhance Ghana’s energy generation capacity.

As per the agreement, Ghana was supposed to assume full ownership of the power plant after paying $510 million within five years.

However, the NDC alleges that the decision to relocate the plant from Takoradi to Kumasi entails a $35 million investment, which they deem unnecessary.

By Lois Dogbe