‘If Ghanaians can support me, I’ll quit music and run for Presidency’ – Shatta Wale discloses Presidential ambition

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Shatta Wale

Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale is courting public support to materialize his presidential ambition which he just disclosed for the first time.

In a recent viral video interacting with Blogger Shadrack Crabe, the Dancehall artiste said it is his dream to help “change Ghana” in the near future.

He noted that his father had once advised him to venture into politics considering his ‘remarkable exploits’ with his Shatta Movement.

Shatta Wale explained that he can only achieve his dream of becoming a President if Ghanaians will eschew all the negativity linked with his personality, and come together to support and encourage him contest for President in the 2028 elections.

“Ghana needs a president like me…My Dad wants me to go into politics because he knows that I am so confident and know the guidelines of how to really run a Movement. That is why my Shatta Movement is the biggest fanbase in Africa.

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Shatta Wale

“That is my dream that one day, I would have to help to change Ghana so if Ghanaians are listening to me and you won’t watch me as just Shatta Wale and start to encourage me and come together and support me, I will stand on my feet and leave the music and contest in the next four years election and see if we cannot win hands down,” he stated.

Commenting on the academic qualification needed to occupy such an office, Shatta Wale emphasized that once he becomes a President, he will include the services of intellectuals to run daily affairs of the country while he only heads the country.

He lamented the current state of Ghana stating that Ghanaians are living in an “estate and not a country” citing recent happenings of inequality and infringement of rights of other people.